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Holiday Gift Selection - Fall & Winter 2022

Written on November 18, 2022
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Our favorite teas delight and warm us during this coziest time of year.

At holidays and end-of-the-year parties with family and friends, the hearty aromas and soothing depths of tea lift our spirits and bring us together.

Brew loose leaf tea with a kyusu; whisk your matcha with a chasen. Doing so will light up the room with the fragrance of these teas.

Serve with carefully considered tea cups, matcha bowls, or even wine glasses.

Set out an array of breads, cheeses, dried fruits, and sugar cookies.

Gather together with those dear to you in the late afternoon, when the sun is starting to sink and the fire is starting to feel toasty.

Here is our 2022 selection of Japanese teas and utensils, for gifts or for your own use at every occasion this season.

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