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Shincha - Newly harvested sencha video

Shincha 2021 is almost here

The full Shincha experience


Just how fresh is Shincha?

  • Crafted from tea leaves that were growing in a field only a few days prior, Ippodo’s Shincha is delivered right after harvest. There is only once chance per year to experience its fresh, fleeting character.


What’s that shining in my cup?

  • Young, new tea leaves have a downy, translucent “fur” on the underside. Pour a cup, look closely, and you’ll see this “fur” as a beautiful, lustrous glint floating on the surface. (Don’t worry, the shining surface is just visually different—there is no effect on the tea’s texture!)


Taste Shincha’s liveliness.

  • Tea tree leaves shoot up with an incredible life force as soon as the weather starts getting warmer each spring. That life force translates directly into the cup; when you taste Shincha, you’ll be vitalized by its raw energy.


Take in Shincha’s aroma.

  • After brewing, make sure to open the kyusu to smell the Shincha leaves directly. Green, powerful, sunny—these are some of the words that come to mind. Shincha’s precious aroma only lasts a short time after harvest, so experience it while you have the chance.


Soft, delicate tea leaves.

  • Go ahead, touch the tea leaves after they’ve opened up. You’ll be surprised at just how soft and delicate they are. This softness is another a sign of our Shincha’s freshness.




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