Happy Holidays

From Ippodo Tea
Selection of ippodo teas in packaging on a blue background with a snowflake motif.

Winter Gifts Collection 2023

This is the season for serving sencha with generously glazed cookies; for bringing out the lush iced gyokuros alongside cheese platters at happy hour; for matcha bowls and cakes and puddings.

Give someone close the joy of comforting, cozy Japanese teas with one of the gifts below. Or, choose a set as a treat for yourself, and take a moment to slow down and relax during the busy holiday season.

Gift Sets

Ippodo's recommended sets of tea to give to someone special. Each is packaged in a gift box.

Kyoto Favorites Set Two winter classics beloved by Kyoto-ites for generations. Fragrant teas that pair with everything.
Beginner Set Three accessible teas with light tastes and brisk aromas. Recommended for the friend you want to get hooked on Japanese tea.
Aficionado Set Satisfying teas for fans of complex, rich flavors. Recommended for the tea drinker in your life.

Blender’s Choice

Bundled items at a special price, selected by Ippodo’s blending team. Enjoy the variety these four themes bring to your holiday traditions.

Matcha Holiday Set Three popular matchas from our selection. Mix and match with your favorite holiday sweets.
Soothing Set Relax over the hectic season with these two misty, smooth, evergreen teas.
Organic Favorites Ippodo’s most popular organic teas. Each has a light, breezy taste and a crisp aroma.
Just Add Milk A set of two distinct teas that pair well with milk. For fans of sipping hearty mugs by the fire.

Green Tea Gifts

Featuring fragrant green teas and Japan-made teapots for brewing.

Matcha Gifts

A selection of our most-recommended, most-gifted matchas and utensils.