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Yakishime Kyusu (8oz)

Gs. 1.6070

An original, completely handmade kyusu with an elegant texture and a functional design.

Size 2.6" × 2.6" × 3.1"
Fragile item, please handle carefully!
Capacity8 oz (240mL)
OriginMie Prefecture. Japan (Banko-yaki)

Note: Each kyusu is completely handmade and varies slightly in size and volume.

We worked closely with an artisan in Mie Prefecture to design this kyusu to fine specification. Made entirely by hand, each of these kyusu is one-of-a-kind—a companion to be cared for and treasured over a lifetime of tea drinking.

With a pleasing round shape and textured surface, the design of this teapot is a joy at every session. A tight-fitting lid allows tea to pour quickly without leaking. The spout directs the flow into a quick, smooth arc. And, the interior is finished with white glaze, showcasing the tea leaves inside the pot.

Unglazed and made from red clay, this teapot is fired to have a coarse outer texture. Over time, the surface will begin to smooth, gaining a feel and appearance that is unique to your touch.

Artisans working in the centuries-old Banko-yaki tradition are known for their kyusu, and the clay in the region is appropriately sturdy and retains heat well. The Banko-yaki artisan who handcrafts our original Yakishime Kyusu works consistently with a beautiful touch.

Tight fitting lid doesn’t leak even with fast pouring.

Marked with the Ippodo seal.

Precise clay strainer pours fast and lets few leaves through.

Easily inspect tea leaves in between infusions.

Packaged in an illustrated gift box.

Completely handmade, one-by-one.

Recommended for sencha, gyokuro, and bancha alike.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ezra (United States)

Could not be happier with the look and feel of this pot

Magic F. (Canada)

Your package took too long to get here... am afraid to order again as I am not home most of the time... your selection of teas is too limited.
But I am happy to receive the two teapots !
I have also been to your shops in both Tokyo and Kyoto.
Thank you.

Harris H. (United States)
Good customer service

Item was delayed because of pandemic, wrote some message in the chat box to check order status, the customer service response quickly and nicely, and I have received my order after they have it in stock again.

Victoria N. (United States)

Love this teapot