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Uji-Shimizu / Mugicha
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Based on 728 reviews

Perfect for my matcha lattes....


Uji Shincha

Superlative tea - highest praises. Light and satisfyingly delicious

light but savory

very happy with ippodo's genmaicha. I've tried other companies, and I feel this one is perfectly balanced, and true to the described tasting notes. I love it!

deep earthy comfort tea

pleasant surprise for my first taste of hojicha tea. full of aroma and flavor as described, especially for such a short steep time. a nice roasty comfort tea.


great quality, nice packaging, amazing matcha!!

Great tasting tea!

This teat is great for afternoon sipping. I drink some after work for winding down at the end of the day.

Tulsi tea for me !

Loved the sampler pack to try them all. All are good but the Chai and mint seem to disappear faster in this house.

Great stuff! Thanks Lee

The rubber gasket that seals the filter to the glass after you put the lid on is a little too small for the size of the jar and so if I'm not careful I can get smaller leaf bits into my cup, but honestly if I hold the lid forward a smidge when I pour, then it's not a problem at all.

As long as I hold it right (it's very very easy to hold it right), then this glass teapot is so lovely and awesome.

Wonderul - great every-day matcha

20G container of Sayaka-no-mukashi, well-recommended as a "first" matcha. Best price, color, taste combination. If you like this one, I would recommend the 40G container for every-day consumption.

Great Matcha - richness, color.

Compared to Horai-no-mukashi, slightly more umami smell and taste. Wonderful as a koicha, can really tell the difference in grade.

Nodoka Limited Spring Matcha

I love it!

Quality Matcha

After trying the Premium Select Matcha I knew my expectations would be high. I ordered the Kuron Matcha as the Premium Select was out of stock. I received the item within a week of ordering which was impressive. After preparing the matcha I noticed some similarities with the Premium Select which were the smoothness, no astringency and this unique feeling of calmness and mental clarity not often experienced with other ceremonial grades of matcha I have used in the past.

Interestingly enough, I did not experience the energy effect that often associated with matcha. My only hypothesis is that the higher grades contain more L-Theanine due to the shading process but cannot be for certain. It could also be the tea leaves themselves.

Overall, I highly recommend Kuron but it's very expensive to drink as an everyday matcha. That is the only criticism I have.

Excellent Quality

This is my first purchase from Lee's Provisions and I'm absolutely in love with the quality of the product. I ordered this for 9 and 5 year old to add healthy fats to their daily diet. They call it the healthy version of nutella!


My favorite!

Amazing variation on a theme

Just mint was getting boring. Mint chill will put some splash in your cup, some thrill on your taste buds, some spice in you sip.

Best matcha!!!

Not your typical herb tea...and that's good!

Definitely a taste you don't find elsewhere. Very different blend of tastes that will pleasantly surprise you.


Bought this for my boyfriend as he likes drinking this as an alternative to coffee in the morning sometimes. Gives energy throughout the day without the jitters that coffee sometimes gives.

Excellent gift

Bought this for a good friend. She loved it alot. A good gift for tea lovers.


Perfect matcha, beautiful color and wonderful aroma. Love it.

Nodoka Limited Spring Matcha
Great quality matcha!

Good color and flavor, mild. Consisitently better than any other company’s matcha I have tried. Very happy Ippodo now has a North American outpost!


Love the flavor of this product, it's rich and creamy but very expensive!! 100$ CAD for one 40 G tin works out to be roughly 2.50$ a tsp.

Nodoka Limited Spring Matcha
Very light, nice flavor

Bright color, very nice flavor. Umami seems lighter compared to Sayaka-no-mukashi, but still very good.