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Really great tea!

This is a lovely cup of tea and if unique. Make sure to not use boiling water or steep it too long.

Bamboo Tea Ladle (Chashaku)
Hannah (United States)
Finally got one

I've been wanting one of these for years and I'm happy with my purchase.

Premium Organic Matcha - 20g
Hannah (United States)
Great Quality

I've been enjoying this match daily since I bought it. I will buy this product again when I run out.

Sayaka - 40g
Michelle M. (United States)

Yummy for sure!! :D

Tea Strainer (Chakoshi)
Michelle M. (United States)
very happy (:

great for preparing matcha love it!

Kuon (Eternity) - 20g
Dori D.S.D.S. (United States)

Absolutely delightful! Good aroma, flavor, very full yet delicate.

Sayaka - 40g
Bee M. (United States)

Tastes just as matcha should! not bitter, very smooth & earthy.

Great way to taste the difference and enjoy both

As I start to really enjoy Matcha and learn more about it, I find this a good way to expand my knowledge and experience with Matcha.


Wish it would be fuller in taste

Ummon - 40g
Dee D. (United States)
Priced to high for quantity other brands less for sale quality

I can appreciate paying for great quality products, but when they're blatantly over priced ,I have issues with that. I definitely misread the quantity when ordering this product. Fortunately I was turned onto another brand that sells the same quantity, & quality, but for half the price. I will finish this order up , and move on.

Ikuyo - 100g
Charlene B. (Guam)
Favorite, Everyday Matcha

After watching veggiekins video on how to properly brew a matcha latte, I've been drinking Ikuyo for about a year. So far, the taste can't compare to any store bought or cafe matcha I've tried. I love drinking it before work or a workout. It provides enough caffeine without the jitters.

Kaboku - 155g Can
H R. (United States)
Kaboku is the best

Although it is pricy, both my husband and I love this tea and will continue to order it. I've been drinking tea (loose leaves) for more than 30 years and fairly picky about the quality and freshness. Kaboku is smooth and rich without bitterness. We just love it.

Sayaka - 40g
Cheryl H. (United States)

I've been getting my matcha from stores in town and this one does NOT taste anything like those. It is absolutely delicious. It has just a hint of sweetness that rounds out the flavor. I am so disappointed that it took me this long to find a good matcha powder. I can't wait to try more!

Sayaka - 40g
Arianna G. (Canada)
Great Quality Matcha

Worth the price IMO - You get what you pay for in this case. I've used it on it's own and in lattes and both are great. Would highly recommend Sayaka for people who are are new to matcha. You don't have to be a matcha expert to notice a huge difference in the quality of this tea compared to others.


It was just great. I can enjoy at feeling of changing seasons with a cup of tea of Shincha. This is a kind of fresh food from what we can realize that time is running. I am looking forward to trying to find differences of taste by brewing different condtions. I will try to make a food pairing between fried chicken and Shincha tomorow. We will see.

Ummon - 40g
Liz B. (United States)

Love drinking this tea daily, it's so rich and good compared to lower quality matcha.

Premium Select Matcha - 20g
John K. (United States)

My palate isnt formed enough to discern premium and regular matcha powder.

20g comes in a miniature container.

Organic Gyokuro - 50g
Thomas C. (United States)

Excellent product...enjoying very much. Also learning about green tea and appreciating the educational materials.

Premium Select Matcha - 20g
E.A.T (United States)
Wish I'd Ordered More

Really loved this year's Premium Select Matcha. The quality is incredible and iced oat matcha's haven't been this good since last year's premium select blends.

Nodoka - 20g
Amanda M. (United States)
Lived up to all the reviews!

I love trying the limited matcha and wasn’t disappointed with this one. Has a nice bright flavor with a light astringency

Unro - 80g Bag
kiwipineapple (United States)
Nice Snappy, Bright Green Team

Made iced tea with it. Very good green tea. Slightly astringent. Very "verdant" / green.

Ummon - 40g
MH (United States)

Pretty new to drinking matcha. The first time I tried Ummon I bought the 20g, and had to buy the 40g. The flavor is truly rich and robust, being more powerful with less water added of course. I don't measure the amount of matcha or water I mix but I do tend to like a thicker consistency the more I drink matcha. The color is a bright beautiful green. I also like that the matcha packaging comes in a sealed pouch along with the tin container. Would be nice to try other other matcha profile options to compare. One more thing to add, shipping was quick and worth purchasing from the Ippodo website rather than on Amazon. Based in Japan. Good investment for well-being.


Really enjoying the tea. delicious!

Very smooth

I'm no green tea expert, but I have tried a few senchas before. This is the first sencha I've had that was so easy to drink and smooth, yet very floral/ that fresh green tea taste.

I'd definitely recommend this and now I want to go to Japan and explore more.

First time for Shincha!

Smooth, gentle and little astringency. strong character (umami). A well rounded green tea flavour. 2+3 steeps are outstanding.



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