Bancha (Hojicha, Genmaicha, etc.)
Uji-Shimizu & Mugicha
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Based on 792 reviews
Great flavor!

This is an exquisite matcha tea at a very good price. Also, very fast delivery.

Sorry - this is a Christmas gift for our daughter who expressed a wish for it! So we cannot give a review now. Thanks for sending it so quickly.

Delightful tea

Fresh and flavorful. What a wonderful find!


I ordered two teas and both are fresh and flavorful. Glad to have found this company!

Obukucha is Awesome!

Absolutely love this tea. Good fortune in my decision to order it. Am giving some as a holiday gift to a friend who is also a tea lover.

Delicious, delicious hojicha

Drinking this tea is like reliving my Kyoto trip. As a very caffeine sensitive person, I feel free to drink this most of the day without issues. It's got that nice roasted flavor going, so it's been great for winter as well.

Ippodo also shipped this super quickly, I was very appreciative of that.

Like a flight for Matcha

I like this gift set. It comes in a really classy box set, and I got it gift wrapped, which is beautifully done with Japanese paper. I got to try three types of Macha and taste the differences, like getting a flight of beers or bourbons. All the Matchas were delicious and tasted fresher and more authentic than the kind of stuff we usually get in the US.

Love this Carafe!

So glad Ippodo USA online started carrying this item before the holidays! I enjoy having a cool cup of sencha in the door of the fridge. The pitcher I was using was too much of a space hog and unattractive. This carafe is tastefully decorated and holds a liter of delicious tea at the ready. Can be used for hot or cold beverages!

Love the smoky aroma

I was looking for a low caffeine tea with a smooth taste. Iribancha was recommended by the Miwa Ozaki at Ippodo Tea and it was a great recommendation. I especially love the smoky aroma.

Works well to filter matcha

I like the simple design of this sieve, including the wire mesh and the little bamboo scraper. It’s great for breaking up lumps of matcha.

A little bit on the earthy side

I found it slightly too bitter and earthy for every day use, but works very nicely after a meal to "reset" the palate and mind, just like espresso! My partner however loves this one more than my favourite matchas, so to each their own!

Lovely matcha, balanced for every day use

I like really well-balanced matcha: in my view that's a matcha that's not too earthy, not too astringent, with a really balanced umami-sweet profile, and yet loses none of it's "matcha" flavour. I found I could brew this matcha with slightly more powder than the instructions specify, at a hot temp (80-90 C), and it was really delightful. Will consider buying again next time I order from Ippodo!

Ivory Kyusu
Completes Japanese Sencha Experience

Perfect for brewing Japanese senchas. A definite upgrade to my experience drinking green teas. High quality product and quick delivery.

My morning ritual

Thank you Ippodo for such a great Matcha!

My day drink

Very light and very subtle

Great Matcha

Great quality!

Thanks for Bringing Me Back of Feel Of Japan

I have been drinking Sencha and Matcha on yours and I love it. Just drinking it brought me memories on my trip last April. Thank you

Great response, Perfect product.

Great daily matcha

This has been one of the best matcha blends for everyday ise, especially for making usucha!


I'm fairly new to matcha but this brand has the matcha I've ever had!
Ummon-no-mukashi is excellent for making both usucha and koicha but definitely shines as koicha!

Smooth and flavorful

Really enjoyed my first cup recently. Smooth and not bitter. Highly recommend try this if you like matcha green tea.

Great matcha variety to fit any mood

I love the Fuku Mukashi for my every day morning matcha lattes.. Kan No Shiro for the afternoon, either as a latte or straight matcha. And the Seiun when I really want a flavorful energy lift or when I'm pulling out the "good stuff" for guests. Such a great gift! I also bought a set for friends.

Best Genmai tea you can find in the US

I used to buy this Genmai tea at Ippudo in Kyoto. I Always loved the flavor of this Genmai tea. When I moved to GA, I tried and retired other brand tea. Now I circled back to Ippodo. I was so happy when the company made it available online. It taste exactly the same as if I bought it in the ancient store on Teramachi.
If you like Genmai tea, this is the best you would find.

Kaboku is the Best

I am from Kyoto and go to Ippodo store on Teramachi Street in Kyoto whenever I go back to Japan.

Kaboku has very rich tea flavor unlike anything else you can get a hold of. A bag of these tea tastes as if I bought it in Kyoto.



Best ghee out there