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Limited Release

Ippodo Shopping Bag


A medium-large size cloth bag for carrying teas, groceries, books, and more, while you are out-and-about.

Size 13.8" × 9.6" × 15.7"

Note: This item is a special release. Only a small quantity is available, and it will not be restocked.

This bag is a limited release item designed with the busy Kyoto-ite in mind. Every day, regulars at our Kyoto Main Store will ride up on their bike, hop off, scuttle into the shop, and call out their order, “A bag of hojicha, please! The big one!” As soon as they arrive, they’re gone again, headed to the next stop on their list of errands.

This slightly long bag holds about as much tea as you could imagine. You could use it to carry with you many packs of tea, for gifts when visiting family this holiday season.

If you’re busy like the Kyoto-ites, use it to hold groceries, library books, packages, and other essentials while shuttling around town.

Ippodo Tea - Shopping Bag
A cloth bag with a round base. Suitable for heavier items.
Ippodo Tea - Shopping Bag
Printed with Ippodo’s seal on one side and an illustration of the ancient Ippodo tea jars on the other.
  • This bag is 100% cotton. Due to the kind of printing on the bag, the color may fade or run when washed. Take appropriate precautions during use and when washing.
  • When soiled, wash gently, separately from other items.
  • Do not put wet items in the bag.


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