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This urushi (lacquerware) tea tray is light and sturdy. It is entirely crafted by hand to stunning detail.

Each of these trays is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation. The natural grain pattern of the wood, the shape of the hand-carved spiral on the surface, and the appearance and color of the lacquer application, will vary from item to item.

Size 10.6" × 10.6" × 0.8"
Net weight12 oz (400 g)
MaterialWood (Keyaki)

Made exclusively for Ippodo, this amber-brown marubon (circle tray) has been the tray we use to serve tea at our Kyoto Main Store tearoom for decades.

At home, we recommend using it for all sorts of tea occasions. When we use it to serve guests tea, its lightness and sturdiness allow us to hold several cups full of tea at once.

It’s a versatile surface with a wide, flat shape to place your tea utensils on while enjoying tea on your own. Its sides curve gently upwards, acting as an edge to prevent things from slipping off and making it easier to hold in your hands.

A subdued, but richly detailed tray, it fits in at just about any setting, with any type of teaware.

For decades, the same artisan in Kyoto has crafted this tray by hand, one-by-one, on Ippodo’s request. The lacquerware technique the artisan uses to craft this tray is called fuki-urushi. It involves carefully applying one layer of lacquer at a time, before wiping it off with a cloth. After many of layers of application, the color develops a nuanced depth to its tone. It’s a painstaking process that results in a beautiful finish.

The tradition of Japanese lacquerware (urushi) has continued for centuries. While there are many different styles of urushi, each involves taking the sap from the urushi tree, refining and treating it, and applying it to woodwork. This intensive process produces delicate, light, yet sturdy items that can be used for generations.

Ippodo’s seal branded into the surface.
Matches your favorite teawares.
Hold all your matcha utensils while preparing matcha.
A wide, stable surface for serving.
  • To clean wipe with a slightly damp cloth, and dry before storing.
  • Do not use soap or other agents to clean.
  • Avoid exposure to strong sunlight, extreme dryness, and extreme humidity.
  • Over years and decades of use, the tray will develop a unique patina.
  • Each handmade tray has a different appearance from the variations in lacquer application and the natural grain of the wood.
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