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Ivory Kyusu (10oz)
For loose leaf teas

Ivory Kyusu (10oz)

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This is ideal as a kyusu for newcomers just beginning to acquire teaware, as well as for experienced tea connoisseurs. Holding 300 ml, it's a convenient size for preparing all types of Japanese tea, from refined gyokuro and sencha teas to popular bancha teas.


Size 2.8" x 2.8" x 3.9"
Fragile item, please handle carefully!
Capacity10 oz (300mL)
OriginAichi Prefecture. Japan (Tokoname yaki)

White, with a smooth, warm texture, this ivory kyusu offers a nice contrast to our brown, rough-textured Yakishime kyusu. With its simple, straightforward design, and sporting Ippodo's attractive seal on its lid, this kyusu is sure to become a handy addition to your kitchen and table-one you will cherish long into the future.

Large, snugly-fitting lid

The big lid makes adding and removing large amounts of tea leaves easy and prevents spilling by fitting snugly with the kyusu, making the teapot a joy to use.


The large, dome-shaped strainer with a generous number of closely placed small holes allows you to pour out every last drop without any clogging.


The tip of the spout is carefully shaped to avoid dripping after tea has been poured.

Handling and care

  • Rinse with water before using for the first time.
  • Do not use over direct heat or in oven or microwave.
  • Do not expose to sudden temperature changes as that may cause teapot to break.
  • The entire kyusu becomes hot when using it to pour hot water. Be careful not to burn yourself.

How to clean

  • Do not clean with steel wool or scouring powder as this may scratch the teapot.
  • The strainer in the teapot is particularly delicate. If you wish to remove used tea leaves that have become attached to it, scrub them off gently with a brush.
  • Do not leave tea leaves in the teapot for long periods of time or leave the teapot to sit immersed in water, as that may cause stains or mold to form.
  • Use kitchen bleach to remove tea stains, and remember to rinse it off thoroughly afterwards.
  • Clean and dry well before storing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great Tea Pot!

I had the great opportunity to have tea at Ippodo in Kyoto and regretted not buying a Japanese tea pot when I was there. I was so excited to see this teapot available. It works well. It cleans easy. I have never had a tea pot before and it feels very lightweight and I am very careful when I clean and store it so it does not get damaged. It's the perfect size as well.

Perfect for single cups

My kyusu is perfect for brewing a single cup of tea. Clean up is simple and it is compact enough to store in my desk drawer. Quality is superb for the price I paid.


Beautiful teapot, easy to use and to clean. Brews wonderful tea.

Amazing to Have. No Regrets on Buying it

Been going back and forth on whether I should buy this or not. I told myself in the end that I want it because of the use and the elegant design of it. Did not regret at all on buying it. It's one of my go to for brewing teas for myself or for others such as family/friends. Would recommend!

Handmade excellence

Beautifully handmade little Kyusu. Exceeded my expectations. It is delightful making sencha and gyokuro!