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Kakurei - 100g

With mild umami and a medium-short finish, Kakurei is an easy-to-drink gyokuro, good for during or after a meal, and throughout the day.


Best before
Best before180 days
The best before date is 180 days days from when the tea is packaged in Japan.
Serving size10 g (2 tbsp.) per pot
Up to 3 pots can be brewed with the same leaves.
Size 2.8" x 1.6" x 6.9"
Net weight3.5 oz (100 g)

Taste Notes

Kakurei brews a cup with medium-light aftertaste and body, with gyokuro’s typical flavor and aroma. We recommend this tea to those who prefer a lighter amount of umami, and as a tea to drink throughout the day. In addition to the standard gyokuro brew with 140°F water, you can try brewing Kakurei with hotter water for 30 seconds, producing a more refreshing, aromatic character.

How to Prepare

Standard Brew
Pot of Kakurei
1. Measure the leaves
leaf 2 tbsp. (10 g / 0.35 oz)
2. Add hot water
60°C (140°F)
80 mL (3 oz)
Cool water to 60°C by transferring 3 times
3. Brew
90 seconds
4. Serve
Pour out every last drop
Add to bag - 3,700 RSD

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Anonymous (Israel)
Delicious, substantial, sweet and creamy

A fantastic medium-bodied gyokuro. Smooth, rich in umami with very little bitterness or astringency, with a refreshing and long-lasting sweet finish reminiscent of shortbread cookies.

Lexie L. (United States)
Very smooth

Great tea for when you want something light and soothing. It has a distinct mouth feel that is more viscous than normal tea, which makes it more substantial. The taste is rounded and less bitter than other green tea. Color is a light green with a bit cloudiness. It doesn’t upset my stomach like other green tea when I drink too much of it.

Jan H. (Austria)
As usual with ippodo, top quality tea

Refreshing and smooth, with addictive and long aftertaste.

Katherine G. (United States)
Delicious tea

Smooth and flavorful.

Patrick M.
Nice little everyday tea!

It's got a good meaty spunk to it, with a mouthfeel like I'm biting into a mushroom. Really starts the day out nice. Would buy again, probably will, but next time I'm going to explore something different in this category.

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