Roasted Barley

Mugicha (Barley tea) One-Pot Teabags - 18 Bags

Caffeine-free, Mugicha is made simply from roasted barley. Enjoy its smooth taste and roasted aroma hot or cold.

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Fresh green teaConsume quickly
The best before date is 180 days from when the tea is packaged in Japan.
Serving size1 teabag per pot (10 fl oz.)
Size 5.9" x 2.3" x 7.9"
Net weight6.3 oz (0.35 oz per bag)
Quantity18 teabags

Mugicha is a drink made from brewing roasted barley grains, and the Japanese have enjoyed its malty, roasted character for centuries. Mugicha is caffeine-free.

Ippodo selects six-row barley grown in Japan for its Mugicha, and roasts it slowly until it reaches the right balance of aroma and flavor.

Ippodo Mugicha is a refreshing beverage with a lovely toasty aroma and a hint of sweetness.

Mugicha can be brewed hot or cold and enjoyed year-round.

Tea lovers also enjoy Mugicha as a chaser or alternative to alcohol at happy hour. Since it is caffeine-free, you can drink it to relax after dinner and before bedtime.

Ways to Prepare

How Brew

  • Put one one-pot teabag into a pot or other large container and add 1 liter (1 quart) of boiled water.
  • Let steep for 10 minutes before drinking.

Cold Brew

  • Put one one-pot teabag into a pitcher or other large container and add 1 liter of cold water.
  • Let steep for one hour before drinking.
Add to bag - ₴600

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Ray S. (United States)
Better than Expected

The flavor is full. The expectation of a "potful" turned into 5 nearly 2 cup mugs. So, much more value than is promised.
I like my teas mild, but every cup was full bodied. For me, this will be a challenge because I alone drink tea in the family. I put some in the fridge and after microwaving it the next day, it was just a tad off of the original, but perfectly fine to drink. Buying this item you will be rewarded in a waterfall of tea. Lots, for a very fair price.

Nappie D. (United States)
The barley tea I have been looking for for Sooo Long

This is the fine, delicate barley-luscious tea of my dreams. I haven't been able to find it since being in South Korea.
It save my life during a recent four day power outage

William L. (United States)
A refreshing Water+ experience

I been drinking a cold pitcher of this every day now, too good. I forget to drink water a lot but this is like water but with some extra flavor and I’ve really come around to it very quickly. Definitely a good one to keep in the arsenal, also appreciate that it only takes abt an hour to cold brew cause I’m used to ones that are more like 6-8, with mugicha the lead time from “wish I was sippin” to “actively sippin” is very short!

Anonymous (Canada)
Amazing for cold brew

Just in time for the summer, we cold brew this delicious barley tea, easily did 3 x 1 liter on the same tea bag following the instructions 1 hour in chill water. Highly recommended

Eric D.
Good product

Absolutely superb flavor and very easy to prepare.


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