Premium Gyokuro Session Set
Premium Gyokuro Session Set
Tea Set & Online Event

Premium Gyokuro Session Set


This set includes Premium Select Gyokuro, access to an online event featuring it, and Ippoen, another premium gyokuro, for comparison.

Shelf lifeConsume quickly
The best before date is 180 days from when it is freshly packaged in Japan. For the best experience, consume within around one month of opening.
Serving sizePremium Select: 10 g (~2 Tbsp.)
Ippoen: 10g (~2 Tbsp.)
Up to 3 pots can be brewed with the same leaves.
Size 4" × 7.9" × 1.2"
Net weight2.8 oz (80 g)
We are offering complimentary Q&A sessions online over the next several weeks as a special for those who purchase this set.
1 × Premium Select Gyokuro 30g
1 × Ippoen 50g
1 × Online Event Access

Premium Select Gyokuro 30g: Premium Select Gyokuro is the rarest and most delectable gyokuro Ippodo produces.

Ippoen 50g: Ippoen is a tea ripe with luscious, clear, and elegant umami. Its finish is long and beautiful.

Online Event Access: We are hosting complimentary online tea sessions over the next several weeks for those who purchase this set.

This set focuses on helping customers discover the depth and quality of Premium Select Gyokuro. We selected Ippoen from our regular offering of gyokuro as a comparison. Ippoen is a favorite for gyokuro fans and one of our highest-quality blends. It features an elegant character and plentiful richness. In contrast, Premium Select Gyokuro is a limited-release blended from the rarest gyokuro harvests in Kyoto prefecture. It has clear, pure, dew-like umami that keeps undulating and blossoming long after swallowing.

Each session is 30 minutes.

  • 1. Introduction to Premium Select Gyokuro
  • What is Premium Select Gyokuro and what makes it precious?
  • Comparison: How does it differ from our regular offering?
  • 2. Brewing & Enjoyment Tips
  • Brewing demonstration, with a tailored recipe for premium gyokuros
  • Tasting: We share our comments help you understand its flavor complexity and what to look for when trying it yourself
  • 3. Free Time & Questions
  • Open, unstructured time for discussion and answering questions
  • Sip tea together and compare notes
  • 1. Check Event Calendar & Purchase
  • Visit our Online Events page to find available slots
  • Purchase the Premium Gyokuro Session Set
  • Attendance only available to set purchasers
  • 2. Event Access & Joining
  • After purchase, receive online access
  • Join your preferred date
  • Set will be shipped in the meantime
  • 3. Attending the Session
  • Receive Zoom meeting code after sign-up
  • Join via web or Zoom app at start time
  • Participate in tea brewing & tasting or just listen in
Reserve a spot

Our online sessions are conducted via Zoom in a relaxed and informative environment, providing you with an opportunity to interact with an Ippodo Tea expert. With a maximum of 10 attendees per session, you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and join in the discussion. You can choose to actively participate or listen-in, as you prefer.

Everyone, regardless of experience with gyokuro or Japanese tea, is welcome to attend. For those who have tried gyokuro before, the session will feel comfortable. However, if you are new to gyokuro, don’t worry! We will start with a brief introduction of this tea category to get everyone on the same page. Be prepared for a unique tasting experience, as gyokuro offers a savory, lush umami flavor that is unlike any tea you’ve tried before.

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