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Rich & Energetic

Uji Shincha - Newly Harvested Sencha 2021 - 100g

We are now taking reservations for 2021 Shincha.

We expect that this year’s Shincha will be shipped out from Japan by May 24.

You will receive an email you as soon as Uji Shincha - Newly Harvested Sencha 2021 - 100g is back in stock.

Shincha is sencha tea that is released immediately after its harvest. This tea has a uniquely fresh, bright, snappy, and energetic character, and is only available once a year.


Best before
Best before150 days
The best before date is 150 days days from when the tea is packaged in Japan.
Serving size10 g (2 tbsp.) per pot
Up to 3 pots can be brewed with the same leaves.
Size 5.5" x 2.8" x 6.8"
Net weight3.5 oz (100 g)

Taste notes

Shincha is sencha tea that is released immediately after its harvest. This tea has a uniquely fresh, bright, and energetic character, and we only offer it for a short time in summer.

Our Shincha grows in the mountains south of Kyoto, where small changes in the weather day-to-day affect the nuances that develop in the tea leaves each year. As a result, the distinctive character of this year’s Shincha will never be repeated.

Compared to our normal selection of sencha, Shincha has a powerful flavor, aroma, and aftertaste. Its youthful strength is refreshing, like a splash of ice-cold water on the face in the morning.

Ippodo Tea - Sencha leaves Ippodo Tea - Sencha field

Our regular sencha lineup is also harvested once per year in early summer. After being picked, we allow it to rest until it develops a relaxed, mature flavor. We then blend it with previous harvests to produce a consistent tea throughout the year.

We love our regular sencha for its calmness and maturity. We love Shincha for its fleeting, energetic character that invigorates us at the start of summer.

How to prepare

Pot of Uji Shincha - New Harvest Sencha 2021
Standard brew
1. Measure the leaves
2 tbsp. (10 g / 0.35 oz)
2. Add hot water
80°C (176°F)
210 mL (7 oz)
Cool water to 80°C by transferring once
3. Brew
40 seconds
4. Serve
Pour out every last drop
Pre-order - $3.354,00

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
My first time

This is the first time I tried a Shincha; and I totally loved it. On the other hand, I could not spot so much difference to the standard ippodo-sencha I drink all year round - which is most probably due to my ignorance. Anyway, I think I will give Shincha another try next year:)


Unfortunately the tea never arrived! Perhaps due to Corona, maybe due to postal chaos in Sweden. I will try again next year and hope shipping will be through DHL, not USPS + postnord.
Stay safe!

Tasty Tea

The Shincha is a really lovely, fresh-tasting Sencha. Will reorder next Spring, for sure. ٩(◕‿◕)۶

Enjoyable but a little intense for me.

This was my first experience with Shincha sencha tea. I only followed the hot tea preparation and used the recommended amounts of tea leaves and brewing time. The flavor is a little intense and bracing for me but by the third brew it was very enjoyable. I typically brewed with the tea leaves 4 times and allowed additional time for brewing as I went. This is a bit on the expensive side since you will only get ~10 servings per 100 g bag.

Taste of summer

This tea is very refreshing even through the third infusion! Delightful summer pick me up

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