Transparent glass teapot with white "Ippodo Tea" and logo and lid insert with built-in circular mesh strainer Green tea poured from Ippodo Tea branded glass teapot with stainless steel strainer lid and one-pot teabag inside into glass Holding open Ippodo Tea glass teapot containing unfurling looseleaf green tea to display whole-lid circular mesh strainer
For All Leaf Teas

Glass Teapot (24oz)


Glass teapots make it fun to watch the tea leaves while the tea brews. Japanese green tea is very close to newly-picked tea, and the vivid green of the unfurling leaves shows how full of vigor they are. Seeing the tea brew adds visual delight to the process of preparing tea.

Size 3.1" × 3.1" × 4.9"
Fragile item, please handle carefully!
Thermalup to 248°F (120°C)
Capacity24.3 oz (720mL)
OriginKINTO Japan (made in China)

In contrast to the Ivory Kyusu and Yakishime Kyusu teapots that are custom-designed to bring out the best in Ippodo teas, this is an all-purpose teapot suitable for all sorts of teas.

For someone likes to drink a variety of teas, Japanese green tea from Ippodo is one of the variations that makes teatime a pleasure. We recommend this as a suitable everyday teapot for preparing all sorts of teas.

Glass teapot - Plenty of space for teabags.

Plenty of space for teabags.

Glass teapot - Watch the tea leaves unfurl!

Watch the tea leaves unfurl!

Glass teapot - makes a good pitcher

Makes a good pitcher.

Even if you use your usual kyusu teapot to prepare the tea, the glass teapot makes a good pitcher.

Glass teapot - box with teapot motif

Box with teapot motif.

A box with a teapot motif makes this a good present.

glass teapot - Low-key white logo.

Low-key white logo.

Ippodo logo begins to stand out when the tea gains color.

Glass teapot with Barley Tea

Barley Tea

Glass teapot with Barley Tea

Black Tea

Glass teapot with Black Tea

Green Tea

Glass teapot with Green Tea

Tea Bags

Glass teapot with Tea Bags


Add to bag - $38
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