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Picture of Artisan-made ceramic speckled black matcha tea bowl with hand groove and serving spout made from Mino-yaki Japanese clay Picture of Black matcha tea bowl with serving spout alongside fukin tea cloth, illustrated instruction kit and tea utensil decorated box Picture of Illustrated matcha and loose leaf tea instructions sheet for use with Ippodo Tea tea bowl with serving spout Picture of Hand pouring bright green usucha matcha from Black Tea Bowl with Serving Spout into two white espresso cups on brown saucers
For Matcha

Tea Bowl with Spout - Black

This tea bowl comes with a serving spout so that you can whisk matcha and then pour it out into other cups or mugs.
Size 5.1" × 5.1" × 3.5"
CapacityWhen full: 12 oz (360 mL)
When whisking: 4 oz (120 mL)
AccessoriesTea cloth (fukin)
OriginGifu Prefecture. Japan (Mino-yaki)

Note: You can also brew loose leaf Ippodo teas with this bowl as well. See the instructions below.

We worked with an artisan to design this bowl with fine details that make everyday matcha delightful.

Use this bowl with a spout to whisk up to 3 servings of matcha at once, and then pour into your favorite cups, mugs, and glasses. Handcrafted on a potter’s wheel, it has a deep, wide shape that makes whisking a large batch of matcha simple.

The black bowl has a rich glaze that beautifully highlights matcha's vibrant color. It is a standout piece that pairs with any setting.

Gifu is a landlocked prefecture in the mountains in the central region of the main Japanese island. This prefecture is home to one of the most famous and storied traditions of pottery in all of Japan. Mino-yaki encompasses several distinct styles, each highly valued by the tea ceremony for centuries. The artisans producing our tea bowls in this region craft the clay for their works themselves by hand, from soil in the area.

Note: The tea cloth (fukin) is 100% cotton, so the color may fade or run when washed.

Ippodo Tea - Tea Bowl with Spout
Unglazed base is easy to hold.
Ippodo Tea - Tea Bowl with Spout
Contrasting earthenware pokes out at the foot of the bowl.
Ippodo Tea - Tea Bowl with Spout
Designed with a groove along its sides.
Ippodo Tea - Tea Bowl with Spout
Thick glazing forms patterns and textures.
Ippodo Tea - Tea Bowl with Spout
Each handmade bowl is unique.

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