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This page outlines the terms and conditions of your affiliate relationship with (“Affiliate Relationship”). This agreement is between you and

The Terms of the Affiliate Relationship

In this Affiliate Relationship, you will use your referral hyperlink to refer your followers to You will be paid on a commission basis. You will earn commission on every sale made to a customer who clicked your referral link within the previous 14 days (336 hours).

You will be paid on the tenth of each calendar month for the total amount of commission earned during the preceding calendar month (for example, you will be paid on February 10 commission for all applicable sales made between January 1 – 31).

This is not an employment relationship and we reserve the right to cease, cancel or otherwise change the terms of this Affiliate Relationship at any time, at our sole and absolute discretion. You will be notified of any and all changes, and such changes shall take effect upon issuance of said notice. The terms of this Affiliate Relationship terminate and supersede all prior understandings or agreements on the subject matter hereof.

Ippodo Tea Company’s Values

Ippodo Tea Company is located in Kyoto, Japan and has been carefully selecting, blending, and crafting the highest quality Japanese green tea for over three centuries. The Ippodo brand is founded on respect, service and tradition. Tea is both a beverage and an experience, capable of comforting and bringing us together.

From our partners, we value cohesive, well-curated accounts with high-quality, thoughtful photographs that prominently feature Ippodo teas. We also value meaningful engagement with and outreach to the audience.

Affiliate Obligations

As the affiliate, you agree that you will abide by and comply with the US Federal Trade Commission’s regulations and guidelines, including without limitation the 'Endorsement Guides' found here:

You agree that you will not make any health claims about products sold or available on

You agree that you will resolve any claim, cause of action or dispute relating to this Affiliate Relationship exclusively in a provincial court of Ontario, Canada under the laws of the province of Ontario.