White porcelain Japanese teacup against white background
White porcelain Japanese teacup against white background Two white porcelain Japanese teacups, one flipped upside down revealing Ippodo Tea seal on bottom, on white table Hand pouring green tea from white porcelain Japanese kyusu teapot into white porcelain teacup on white table
For Loose Leaf Teas

Porcelain Teacup (Hasami-yaki)

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This Hasami-yaki Tea Cup is a brilliant white porcelain cup, and holds up to 100 ml. Enjoy the touch of the delicate, soft ceramic on your lips as you sip your tea.

Size 3" × 3" × 1.9"
Fragile item, please handle carefully!
Capacity3.5 oz (100mL)
OriginNagasaki Prefecture. Japan (Hasami-yaki)

Tea lovers will truly appreciate how this teacup displays the true vibrant color of any tea it holds. With a simple two lines of indigo blue around the foot, each graceful cup is crafted by hand to match the Hasami-yaki Porcelain Kyusu.

Hasami-yaki has been a famous porcelain tradition since the 1600s, and we chose to work with a skilled Hasami-yaki artisan when designing our Small Porcelain Kyusu and Teacups. The brilliant snow-white color of Hasami-yaki porcelain highlights the goldenrod color of our teas.

Porcelain teacup - Simple and refined design.

Simple and refined design.

Porcelain teacup - Perfect for guests.

Perfect for guests.

Porcelain teacup - White porcelain with a touch of indigo.

White porcelain with a touch of indigo.

Porcelain teacup - Serve any tea beautifully.

Serve any tea beautifully.


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