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For Matcha

Tea Bowl with Spout - Black

This tea bowl comes with a serving spout so that you can whisk matcha and then pour it out into other cups or mugs.


Size 5.1" x 5.1" x 3.5"
AccessoriesTea cloth (fukin)
OriginGifu Prefecture. Japan (Mino-yaki)

Make matcha a part of your life.

Use this bowl with a spout to whisk up to 3 servings of matcha at once, and then pour into your favorite cups, mugs, and glasses. Handcrafted on a potter’s wheel, it has a deep, wide shape that makes whisking a large batch of matcha simple. Its dignified, rich black glaze beautifully highlights matcha's vibrant color. We worked with an artisan to design this bowl with fine details that make everyday matcha a joy.

Gifu Ware (Mino-yaki)

Gifu is a landlocked prefecture in the mountains in the central region of the main Japanese island, to the east of Kyoto. This prefecture is home to one of the most famous and storied traditions of pottery in all of Japan. Mino-yaki encompasses several distinct styles, each highly valued by the tea ceremony for centuries. The artisans producing our tea bowls in this region craft the clay for their works themselves by hand, from soil in the area.

Note: The tea cloth (fukin) is 100% cotton, so the color may fade or run when washed.

Unglazed base is easy to hold without slipping.

Contrasting earthenware pokes out at the foot of the bowl.

Designed with a groove along its sides.

Sieve the desired amount of matcha powder through tea strainer.

Pour hot water (at about 80°C / 176°F) into tea bowl.

Use whisk to mix matcha powder and hot water for about 15 seconds.

Pour even servings into your favorite teacups, and you are done.

Ways to Prepare

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great birthday gift

I agree that the bowl is big enough for 2 matcha’s very nicely painted and well balanced

Worth the wait and won't use anything else.

This is a replacement to for the grey tea bowl with spout we had that got chipped. While waiting for this one to arrive, we used one from Amazon. Nothing in comparison! The Ippodo tea bowl is well balanced, not too wide but deep enough to make double servings. The Amazon one is too heavy, wide and shallow making it very hard to use. We were so happy when this one arrived. The black color brings out the beautiful color of the matcha.

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