New Harvest Sencha 2024
Shincha tea field

With Shincha season every year comes a new beginning...

Shincha is our limited sencha green tea that is released right after its harvest in late spring. Tasting this tea fresh is invigorating. It feels like we're standing in the sun-drenched tea fields, absorbing energy directly from the emerald-green trees.

Shincha 2024 has arrived! Experience it while it’s still available.

Shincha 100g Loose-leaf, fresh-harvested green tea in a resealable pouch.
Shincha & Kumpu Set Compare Shincha’s energy with the mellow depths of regular sencha Kumpu.
Shincha & Kyusu Set For a new start. A set with a kyusu teapot that excels at brewing delicate Japanese green teas.
Shincha Teapot Teabags Teapot or big-mug size teabags with a spacious pyramid shape.
Shincha Drip Teabags Pour-over style teabags, for easy enjoyment at the office.

What is Shincha?

A new beginning each year. Ippodo Tea’s Shincha is a sencha green tea that is released as soon as possible after harvest in late spring.

Our Shincha always has an amazingly fresh fragrance and a vibrant taste. The nuances from year to year will change depending on how the tea leaves grew that year. Each year we look forward to experiencing the uniqueness of that year’s harvest.

Field of green tea in the Kyoto mountains covered with a light mist

Where is our Shincha grown?

Our Shincha comes from the mountainous region in southern Kyoto Prefecture. In this region, the tea trees grow on steep inclines that are quite a hike to climb up. The days are sunny and warm, while the nights get surprisingly cool, and in these conditions, the tea trees work extra hard to pull nutrients and energy from the soil. They then convert that energy to send out robust new buds in the spring. As a result of this micro-climate, teas from this region are known for their outstanding fragrance.

How is Shincha different from our other senchas?

Like Shincha, our regular sencha lineup is also harvested only once per year, in the late spring. We allow the regular senchas to rest until they develop a relaxed, mature flavor. We then blend them with previous harvests to produce a consistent product sold throughout the year.

Shincha new harvest sencha - brewsed and served on a wooden serving plate.

We love our regular sencha selection for its calm and mature character and consistency. We love Shincha for its fleeting, energetic character that invigorates us at the start of summer.

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