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Rich & Energetic

Uji Shincha One-Pot Teabags

This set of One-Pot Teabags allows you to enjoy the new harvest of sencha, Shincha, in an easy-to-brew format.


Best before150 days
The best before date is 150 days days from when the tea is packaged in Japan.
Serving size1 teabag per pot
Size 5.9" x 1.6" x 9.6"
Net weight2 oz (0.25 oz per bag)
Quantity8 teabags

Taste Notes

Shincha is sencha tea that is released immediately after its harvest. Ippodo Shincha has a uniquely fresh, bright, and energetic character. This limited release is only available for a short time in early summer.

Ippodo Tea - Sencha leaves Ippodo Tea - Sencha field

Our Shincha grows in the mountains south of Kyoto, where small changes in the weather day-to-day affect the nuances that develop in the tea leaves each year. As a result, the distinctive character of this year’s Shincha will never be repeated.

This Year’s Shincha

Shincha 2021 features an especially rich character with prominent umami and sweetness. Its fragrance is classic—the eye-opening aroma of a sunny tea field. It has a round body, with little astringency and bitterness. At the same time, it leaves a strong impression. We recommend this year’s Shincha to newcomers as well as regular Shincha fans, for its accessible character.

How does Shincha compare to our regular sencha?

Like Shincha, our regular sencha lineup is also harvested once per year in late spring. We allow the regular senchas to rest until they develop a relaxed, mature flavor. We then blend them with previous harvests to produce a consistent product sold throughout the year.

We love our regular sencha selection for its calm and mature character. We love Shincha for its fleeting, energetic character that invigorates us at the start of summer.

Ways to Prepare

How to Cold Brew

  • Put 1 teabag into a pot or other large container and add 10 oz (300 ml) of chilled water
  • Wait about 20 minutes before serving

How to Prepare Hot

  • Put 1 teabag into a pot or other large container and add 10 oz (300 ml) of boiled water
  • Wait about 2 minutes before serving

In a Carafe

  • Put 2 teabags into a pitcher or other large container and add 1 liter of chilled water
  • Wait about 1 hour before serving

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
M.Perales (United States)
Sencha Tea bag

Love Ippoda green teas. Was very hesitant about ordering a one pot tea bag....however I was very surprised at the quality,taste and price.

Dana G. (United States)
Outstanding Shincha!

This shincha is outstanding. I recommend it wholeheartedly and without reservation. Ippodo Tea will now be my preferred source for Japanese green tea.

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