Sealed tall, cream box of 12 Ippodo Sencha One-Cup Teabags with green corners and logo on bronze circle and easy open tab Single individual cream package of One-Cup Teabag of Ippodo Sencha Tea with green corners and logo on shiny circle, Japanese White pyramid shaped One-Cup Teabag filled with Sencha green tea by Ippodo dangled over beige ceramic mug of hot water
Light & Crisp

Sencha One-Cup Teabags - 25 Bags

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Produced from sencha buds and flakes, this single-serving teabag has an authentic character, with light umami and astringency.

Ways to Prepare

A hot cup of tea.
  • Add one sencha teabag to a cup, pour on less-than-boiling temperature water, and wait for 1.5 minutes.
  • Move the teabag around in the cup until the tea has reached the desired strength, and you're done.

This 12-bag box, which includes instructions on the back in both English and Japanese, will provide plenty of delicious tea for your enjoyment at home or at work.

A hot cup of sencha tea.
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