Package for Uji-Shincha sencha one-pot teabags with vibrant green label with yellow circles and Japanese and English writing
Package for Uji-Shincha sencha one-pot teabags with vibrant green label with yellow circles and Japanese and English writing One-pot teabag of New Harvest Sencha Tea beside bright green and yellow package of Uji-Shincha sencha one-pot teabags Bright green and yellow packaging for Uji-Shincha laying on white table beside a one-pot teabag and glass of light color tea Small glass pitcher containing steeped golden futsumushi New Harvest Sencha green tea and submerged large one-pot teabag
Rich & Energetic

Uji Shincha Teabags (Teapot Size) - 8 Bags

Add to bag - $27

These large teabags allow you to easily brew a full teapot or large mug of Shincha, the fresh new harvest of sencha green tea.

Shelf lifeConsume quickly
The best before date is 150 days from when it is freshly packaged in Japan. For the best experience, consume within around one month of opening.
Serving size1 teabag per pot (10 fl oz.)
Size 5.9" × 1.6" × 9.6"
Net weight2 oz (0.25 oz per bag)
Quantity8 teabags

Note: Limited quantity available.

Each spring, as the weather starts to warm, the tea fields in the mountains south of Kyoto begin to awaken. The tea plants that huddled up, storing their energy and nutrients over the cold, long winter, begin to put out tiny green buds. Over the next month, these buds begin to grow, reaching up and up for the wide blue sky. When the time is right, tea farmers get busy harvesting the spry new leaves.

At Ippodo, we blend selected fresh new sencha harvests to produce our Shincha tea each year.

Shincha 2024 is well-balanced, flavorful, and vivid. Its fragrance is the most vibrant in recent memory- sunny, fresh, green, and vegetal. In the cup, its plentiful umami is balanced by a tinge of crisp astringency. In the undertones, it has a mineral-like, slate-like quality that adds a nice structure to the experience. Finally, beautiful vibrant green leaves and a bright golden brew color make this year’s Shincha a visual treat as well.

Ippodo Tea - Sencha leaves Ippodo Tea - Sencha field

For first-timers, this year is a classic introduction to Shincha, full of energy and green freshness. Longtime sencha fans will enjoy its verdant fragrance, balanced taste, and complexity over many brews.

Compared to our normal selection of sencha, Shincha has a powerful flavor, aroma, and aftertaste. Its youthful strength is refreshing, like a splash of ice-cold water on the face in the morning.

Like Shincha, our regular sencha lineup is also harvested once per year in late spring. We allow the regular senchas to rest until they develop a relaxed, mature flavor. We then blend them with previous harvests to produce a consistent product sold throughout the year.

We love our regular sencha selection for its calm and mature character. We love Shincha for its fleeting, energetic character that invigorates us at the start of summer.

Ways to Prepare

  • Put 1 teabag into a pot or other large container and add 10 oz (300 ml) of boiled water
  • Wait about 2 minutes before drinking
Sencha teabag in a glass teapot steeping in hot water.
  • Put 2 teabags into a pitcher or other large container and add 1 liter of chilled water
  • Wait about 30 minutes before serving
Sencha teabag in a glass carafe steeping in cold water.
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