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Picture of Carafe Picture of Brown tall narrow box for glass carafe with playful drawing of carafe on front, and CARAFE written in capital letters Picture of Opening glass lid of Ippodo glass carafe and displaying spill proof white silicone baffles used for water tight seal Picture of Pouring Ippodo green tea from above from brown Yakishime clay kyusu teapot into glass carafe with lid removed for storing Picture of Three engraved Ippodo Tea glass carafes filled with different teas including two with one-pot teabags steeping for cold brew
For All Leaf Teas



Having one of these one-liter carafes at home or the office is very handy. Use it however you like, with hot tea or cold tea.

Size 2" (mouth) × 3.3" × 10.6"
Fragile item, please handle carefully!
Thermalup to 248°F (120°C)
Capacity1 qt. (1L)
OriginKINTO Japan (made in China)

Prepare Japanese tea for the dining table or guests right away simply by placing your favorite teabags in the carafe and adding hot water. This saves time, reduces the number of dishes to wash, and is an easy way for anyone to brew tea. The carafe comes with a lid, and the large opening makes removing teabags and cleaning easy.

You can also quickly prepare a liter of tea by using a kyusu to brew the same leaves three times. Pour and combine each brew into the carafe until full. Using the carafe as a pitcher, keep it in the refrigerator, and serve cold Japanese tea whenever you like.

Both lid and carafe are made of highly transparent glass, allowing you to fully appreciate the color of the tea and anticipate its delicious taste. Use this cleanly-designed carafe in the home, for special gatherings, or at your workplace.

Brew tea easily with teabags!

Wide opening for easy cleaning.

Simple white logo.

A tea jar and flower design is beautiful when the carafe is filled with tea, or any kind of beverage.

Makes a good pitcher.

Can also be used as a pitcher for holding tea poured from a kyusu.

Box with carafe motif.

Comes in a box with a fun design, making this a good present.


Add to bag - $39
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