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Genmaicha One-pot Teabags - 9 Bags


Our large-size Genmaicha teabags made from blending green tea leaves with roasted rice. Good for sipping at any time, and especially with meals.

Fresh green teaConsume quickly
The best before date is 180 days from when the tea is packaged in Japan.
Serving size1 teabag per pot (10 fl oz.)
Size 9.6" × 6" × 1.6"
Net weight6.3 oz (0.35 oz per bag)
Quantity9 bags

We filled these large teabags with our original blend of genmaicha—green tea mixed with roasted rice. The tea inside is the exact same tea as our loose leaf Genmaicha. Enjoy its perfect balance of pleasant roasted rice aroma and classic green tea astringency.

Use these teabags to quickly and easily prepare hot tea at teatime, dinner or lunch, for hosting guests, and other occasions. The package is re-sealable for freshness, and it comes printed with instructions and a description of the tea in English and Japanese.

One of the more popular banchas, genmaicha is a mixture of yanagi (large plain green tea leaves) and roasted rice. The rice is roasted at two different levels: lightly roasted and deeply roasted until the rice grains puff. The result is a unique savory flavor and a strong popcorn-like aroma. The quantity of rice is purposely kept to a minimum while there is an ample amount of leaves with a light bitterness. This provides a perfect balance between the roasted aroma and the refreshing aftertaste of the yanagi.

Genmaicha goes well with meals and is tasty as an everyday tea.

Ways to Prepare

Hot Brew
  • Put 1 teabag into a pot or other large container and add 10 oz (300 ml) of boiled water
  • Wait about 2 minutes before drinking
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