New Year's Matcha 2023 (U-no-mukashi) - 20g - Ippodo Tea
New Year's Matcha 2023 (U-no-mukashi) - 20g - Ippodo Tea New Year's Matcha 2023 (U-no-mukashi) - 20g - Ippodo Tea New Year's Matcha 2023 (U-no-mukashi) - 20g - Ippodo Tea New Year's Matcha 2023 (U-no-mukashi) - 20g - Ippodo Tea New Year's Matcha 2023 (U-no-mukashi) - 20g - Ippodo Tea
Rich & Invigorating

New Year's Matcha 2023 (U-no-mukashi) - 20g

This seasonal tea currently sold out. New Year's Matcha 2023 (U-no-mukashi) - 20g is available every New Year.

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A special release matcha with a round, rich taste and a vivid fragrance.

Shelf lifeConsume quickly
The best before date is 180 days from when it is freshly packaged in Japan. For the best experience, consume within around one month of opening.
Serving sizeUsucha: 2 g (1 tsp.)
Koicha: 4 g (2 tsp.)
Size 2.1" × 2.1" × 2"
Net weight0.7 oz (20 g)

Note: Available early December to mid-January, while supplies last.

Our New Year’s Matcha release for 2023, U-no-mukashi, has equally splendid umami and sweetness. It has practically no astringency, and we find it approachable and easy-to-drink. At the same time, its fragrance is cheerful and energizing. In all, this is a matcha that will warm your spirits thoroughly from within on even the gloomiest winter day.

Each year, this release is blended to have a round character that is comforting and invigorating at the holidays and at New Year’s—and this year exhibits those characteristics beautifully as well.

We recommend preparing this matcha straight with water as koicha or usucha, to experience its deep fragrance, pure umami, and full-bodied aftertaste. For matcha fans, try preparing it with a little less water than you typically use. A more-concentrated recipe will highlight its viscous, round character nicely.

New Year’s is the most important holiday in Japan, and drinking matcha is a part of the celebrations. Traditionally, this New Year’s Matcha is used in the first tea ceremony of the year (hatsugama). More casually, families will sit down at home with a bowl of matcha during their holiday together, enjoying the warmth of each other’s company. Beyond these traditions, this is an accessible matcha for personal enjoyment, and it makes for a thoughtful gift.

In celebration of 2023, the Year of the Rabbit, this special label depicts an energetic rabbit in a field, perking its ears up at something interesting. We hope this cute design will add to the delight of your New Year’s and winter festivities.

* The meaning of the name U-no-mukashi: U means “rabbit” in Japanese (“U” is pronounced like the “u” in “flute”).

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