Basic Matcha Kit
Basic Matcha Kit White closed Ippodo Gift Set Box for Deluxe Matcha Kit with green Ippodo Tea logo circle on top Basic Matcha Kit
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Basic Matcha Kit

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Ippodo’s selection of tools for making delicious matcha. Includes everything but a matcha bowl.

Shelf lifeConsume quickly
The best before date is 180 days (matcha) from when it is freshly packaged in Japan. For the best experience, consume within around one month of opening.
Serving sizeUsucha: 2 g (1 tsp.)
Koicha: 4 g (2 tsp.)
Size 8.5" × 2.7" × 6.1"

On your next day off, take a moment to prepare a bowl of matcha. Measure a portion of powder, and marvel at its brilliant green color. As you start to whisk, feel the texture of the whisk’s bamboo handle, and listen to the sounds of its tines swishing through the tea. Then, notice matcha’s honey-like fragrance filling the room. Take a sip, and feel its richness blossom throughout your palate. Finally, sit in the moment, and observe how refreshed and relaxed you feel.

Experiencing fulfilling moments like these is possible if you have well-designed tools. This is why we put together this set, to provide the basics for enjoying matcha at its fullest. Just add your favorite mug or matcha bowl.

We carefully selected each item in this kit as an essential for making delicious matcha, and we even rely on each of these tools ourselves at our Kyoto and Tokyo tearooms, using them to prepare many bowls of matcha every day.

Packaged in a beautiful box, this kit is also one of our top gift recommendations.

Brand new unopened tin can of Ippodo Tea Horai matcha with Japanese characters and gold leaf embossed on white
Stainless steel Chakoshi tea strainer with Ippodo Tea logo seal embossed on handle nestled in protective receiving bowl
Korean artisan-made Chasen 80-tip bamboo matcha whisk tea utensil on white background
Long handle Ippodo bamboo tea ladle (Chashaku) with rounded tip for scooping matcha powder against white background
Light pastel turquoise blue Ippodo Tea ceramic stand for drying storing and shaping bamboo Chasen matcha whisk


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