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Premium Select Gyokuro - 30g
Rich & Lush

Premium Select Gyokuro - 30g

A rare release of connoisseur-class gyokuro with a pure, sublime character.


Best before
Best before180 days
The best before date is 180 days days from when the tea is packaged in Japan.
Serving size10g (2 tbsp.) per pot
Up to 3 pots can be brewed with the same leaves.
Size 4" x 7.9" x 1.2"
Net weight1.1 oz (30g)

Gyokuro from the finest fields in Kyoto

Every year, the highest-regarded tea farmers in Japan enter the best of their harvest into tea competitions, hoping to earn prestige and recognition for their efforts. Our Premium Select series features our exclusive blend of these farmers’ competition-level teas - hand-selected by our president from farms only in the Kyoto region. Each tea in this series ranks high above the highest tea in each category of our year-round selection.

The highest quality gyokuro fields receive constant hands-on care and attention. Farmers strictly monitor and fertilize the soil to keep it lofty and nutritious. They adjust the shades that cover the field so that the new leaves sprout in almost complete darkness. They tend the field in person, every day, to ensure the harvest comes out perfectly. The result of their efforts is a rare and valuable harvest. Until now we have only offered this tea at our Kyoto Main Store, but this year we are specially offering this tea on our online shop as well.

Taste notes

This year’s Premium Select Gyokuro has a gentle umami that blooms throughout the palate. Its aroma is pure, sweet, and floral—just taking in the aroma alone is wonderfully satisfying. Brew at a just-warm temperature (60°C or lower) to properly enjoy the full potential for beautiful umami that is in these tea leaves. Or, try it as cold brew to taste the delectable sweetness and richness that is stored in these same leaves. Regardless, relax and focus on the experience when trying this tea, to fully appreciate these farmers’ efforts.

Unlike our other teas available year-round, which are blended for constant consistency, our Premium Select series varies depending on the growing conditions each year.

How to prepare

1. Measure the leaves
leaf 2 tbsp. (10g / 0.35oz)
2. Add hot water
temp 60°C (140°F)
drop 80 ml (3 oz)
Cool water to 60°C by transferring 3 times
3. Brew
clock 90 sec
4. Serve
drop Pour out every last drop

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