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Featuring Obukucha, Our New Year’s Genmaicha

Written on November 15, 2022 (updated on March 02, 2023)

Obukucha- a New Year’s Classic

We release Obukucha (Good Fortune Tea) every winter to celebrate the start of a new year.

There is a long tradition of drinking Obukucha in January in Japan to bring good fortune in the coming year.

The History of Obukucha

In 951, a serious epidemic swept through Kyoto. In an effort to relieve the suffering, a Buddhist priest, Kuya, served a special tea to the people. It has been said that Emperor Murakami ushered in the New Year with a ceremonial cup of tea that year. Since then, it has been a Japanese tradition to drink Obukucha (which means “Good Fortune Tea”) around the New Year.

Ippodo Tea - Obukucha feature Notes: light body, fragrance of roasted rice, bright green-yellow brew

A Versatile Favorite

Our Obukucha is a high grade genmaicha, green tea blended with roasted rice. We find its soft, gentle taste is accessible for just about everyone.

This tea is one of our top recommendations to serve for the whole family this time of year.

Serve a pot of this fragrant, refreshing tea to drink with a meal, or at teatime after eating. It pairs well with all sorts of lunches, like soba, curry, dumplings, or sandwiches.

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