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Deluxe Matcha Kit


This deluxe matcha set contains Ummon, our highest grade matcha from our regular selection, popular for its robust and naturally sweet character. The matcha tea bowl included is the Dark chawan, crafted specially for Ippodo, with an elegant profile and a mesmerizing glaze.

This full set also includes all of the other utensils for making delicious matcha: a bamboo tea ladle for scooping matcha, a tea strainer for breaking up clumps in matcha powder, a whisk for whisking matcha, and a whisk stand for storing the whisk.

Fresh green teaConsume quickly
The best before date is 180 days (matcha) from when the tea is packaged in Japan.
Serving sizeUsucha: 2 g (1 tsp.)
Koicha: 4 g (2 tsp.)

This set contains all of the essential tools for making matcha, and an instructions pamphlet, in a box that makes it ideal for a gift or personal use. Compared to the regular starter kit 6, this deluxe edition includes our higher grade matcha, Ummon, and our elegant Dark tea bowl.

Next time you're relaxing on a weekend morning, try preparing a bowl of matcha. As you start to whisk, matcha’s honey-like fragrance will start to fill the room. Take a sip, and matcha’s deep taste will refresh both your mind and body. Whether it’s your first bowl or your hundredth, this full matcha set is all you need to experience satisfying, authentically-prepared matcha.

The whisk stand maintains the round shape of the whisk after rinsing.

Sift your matcha powder before whisking it.

Alluring dark glaze bowl with a slim profile.

Ummon, a robust matcha with little bitterness.

Add to bag - $190

Customer Reviews

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Reed (United States)
Everything you need

I started drinking matcha recently and realized quickly that my process was not yielding the best results. The deluxe matcha kit from Ipodo was affordable, and has worked fabulously! I've used the kit almost every day for the last week and am very happy with the results and quality.

Jess (United States)
Deluxe Matcha Kit

I received this kit last week and I am throughly pleased with it! The tea is delicious and I appreciate the instructions on how to properly brew a traditional cup of matcha.

A M. (United States)
First matcha experience, A+ thanks to this kit

I've been enjoying green tea for years, and decided to dip my toes into matcha with this kit. After plenty of research, Ippodo came up again and again. After a week of using this kit the quality and beauty of the pieces cannot be understated, to say nothing of the tea itself, which is delicious. I look forward to continuing to explore matcha using Ippodo, this kit has cemented them as a go-to for quality.

Drew N. (United States)
A premium kit, but very worth it. Treat yo-self!

I splurged for the premium kit and have been very happy. As with my other tea ware purchases from Ippodo, the items are well made and a delight to use. In particular, your money in this purchase goes towards more premium matcha and a prettier brewing vessel. Neither of these are required to start whipping' up tasty matcha at home. However, if you would get enjoyment integrating a prettier bowl in to your matcha routine, then I think you would also enjoy this set. Personally, the bowl included in this set is wonderful.

In terms of Ummon, it was not my first tin. Ummon is an incredibly delicious tea. It is like having experienced "matcha" before and then experiencing it in all capitals: "MATCHA". If you have only had lower quality or culinary grade matcha, then I would compare the experience to enjoying drip coffee and home and then experiencing a potent, full-flavored cup of coffee from your favorite local cafe. I like to have one of Ippodo's higher-end matchas, like Ummon, for a treat on weekend mornings or when I want to splurge.

Victoria (United States)
The best

It’s really the best matcha. The kit has everything you need and wonderful quality. Well worth the money. I love it so much.