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Enjoying Tea Under Cherry Tree Blossoms

Written on April 04, 2022 (updated on March 02, 2023)

With the springtime comes the beloved blossoming of cherry tree flowers in Japan. In Kyoto, where Ippodo Tea was founded, after the bonds of winter loosen, these flowers transform the city into a pink wonderland.

It is a tradition to have a picnic with friends, family, or co-workers, under the boughs of these trees on a warm spring day. On the spacious banks of the Kamo river that runs through central Kyoto, many of our staff like to hold their own picnic, and will set out tarps every year to relax under the beautiful blossoms.

While gazing at the flowers and chatting, we eat snacks and drink tea. This simple tradition makes us feel refreshed and renewed each year.

If the weather allows it, why not invite some friends to enjoy tea outside with you this season? While enjoying the view of a beautiful flowering tree, relish the fresh, soothing, and warm feeling that sharing tea with others provides.

Here we have gathered our favorite teas that we find convenient and delicious at a picnic in the spring.

One-cup Tea Bags

Single-serving tea bags are perhaps the most convenient format of tea when outside. Bring a thermos with hot water, and let everyone brew their own cup of hot tea. It helps to stay warm, as a sunny spring day can suddenly turn to clouds and wind.

One-pot Tea Bags

These large size tea bags are handy for preparing enough to share with everyone at a picnic. Add one or two to a pitcher or a thermos with hot water, and serve after the tea has developed a rich color. For this season, we recommend:

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