Pouring Ippodo green tea from above frmo ivory clay banko-yaki kyusu teapot into glass carafe with lid removed for storing

How to Make Japanese Tea to Share

Learn how to quickly brew sencha, gyokuro, genmaicha, or hojicha for a group of people. The 3 minute recipe, tips, and favorite teas from Ippodo.

Green tea being poured from elegant spout of ivory teapot into small rounded modern glass pitcher with white Ippodo Tea logo

Guide to Japan-Style Iced Tea

On hot days when a hot cup of tea seems unbearable, we turn to our favorite iced tea recipes. There are different ways to make cold, refreshing Japanese tea, and we recommend different recipes for different tastes.
Vivid green matcha latte with dollop of foamed milk on top of pure matcha tea base in white espresso cup with matching saucer

How to Make a Matcha Latte

A matcha latte combines the crisp, green bite of matcha powder with the creaminess of milk. From the variety of matcha to the type of milk and ratios in your recipe, a few factors determine the character of a matcha latte.
Pouring old fashioned cocktail with orange peel garnished through stainless steel strainer into rocks glass with ice on bar

Tea: Your New Favorite Cocktail Ingredient

If you have leftover hot or iced tea, you’re just one ingredient away from making a potent simple syrup that will easily swap into recipes and keep for weeks in the refrigerator.