Iced Matcha Latte
An iced latte is smooth, refreshing, and easy-to-drink.
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Pouring light green tea from white porcelain Hasami-yaki kyusu teapot with blue logo into white porcelain Japanese teacup

Standard Gyokuro Brew

Our standard recipe for brewing loose-leaf gyokuro. Brew a cup when you feel you need a change of pace.
Hot water being poured into Japanese artisan made ivory kyusu Japanese teapot from shining stainless steel stovetop kettle

Piping Hot Gyokuro

A boiling-hot brew brings out a vivid fragrance from gyokuro leaves. In the cup, this recipe has more a little crisp, refreshing astringency, on top of gyokuro's dew-like sweetness.
Pouring luminescent green tea over ice in three glasses straight from Yakishime Japanese kyusu teapot against ombre surface

Iced Gyokuro

For a fast, fragrant pitcher of iced tea, brew a strong batch of gyokuro using boiling hot water, and then pour over ice, diluting its strength and balancing its flavor.
Small porcelain kyusu with lid open showing tea inside beside two glasses of iced light green tea and silver plate of gyokuro

Cold Brew Gyokuro

Cold brew with just ice and clean water to bring out gyokuro's full lushness, natural sweetness, and umami.
Host holding red brown lacquered wooden Marubon serving tray by Ippodo Tea Co. filled with six decorative cups of green tea

Recipe for Sharing (Gyokuro or Sencha)

Prepare large amounts of tea with your everyday kyusu.