Standard Shincha Brew

Our standard recipe for brewing loose-leaf Shincha. Discover the vibrant and energetic quality of these freshly harvested tea leaves.
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Holding handle of sleek modern gray bowl-shaped ceramic teacup of foamy green Ippodo Tea matcha on wooden table

Usucha (Thin Matcha)

The standard matcha whisking method, made to be a normal, liquid consistency.
Whisking dark green thick koicha Japanese matcha in Ippodo Tea cream chawan tea bowl using artisan made Chasen bamboo whisk

Koicha (Thick Matcha)

Matcha made into a powerfully rich, thick paste using less water and more matcha powder per serving.
Pouring foamy frothed milk from silver pitcher into concentrated green matcha tea latte base in short round beige ceramic mug

Matcha Latte

An easy recipe for preparing at home to enjoy with breakfast or as a snack.
Pouring vibrant green matcha float from spouted bowl over milk and ice in elegant stemmed glassware beside iced matcha latte

Iced Matcha Latte

Our matcha latte recipe over ice. One part matcha with one part cold, refreshing milk topped off with ice.
Holding clear ice cub with bamboo tongs and placing it in vibrant green matcha tea base in cream ceramic Japanese teacup

Iced Matcha

Our usucha recipe over ice. Preparing matcha with hot water and cooling it rapidly lets you taste the full delight of matcha.
Thick dark green foamless Ippodo matcha tea in elegant prism-shaped decorative glass ware on white background

Cold-Whisked Matcha

Whisking matcha with cold or chilled water brings out a strong sweetness.
To go travel stick of Ippodo Uji-Shimizu sweetened green matcha powder sprinkled into modern glass beside extra foamy matcha

Uji-Shimizu: Sweetened Matcha

A quick and easy recipe for our sweetened matcha blend to enjoy at any time, in any place.